Lancaster County Homemade Ice Cream Shops

Check out the list of Lancaster County Homemade Ice Cream Shops.  The * denotes the shops we visited for our pod cast.  Too bad we didn’t have time to try them all!

If we missed your favorite homemade ice cream shop, let us know.


Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Creamery

2715 Old Philadelphia Pike

Bird-in-Hand, PA


Boehringers Drive-In

3160 Reading Road

Adamstown, PA


Chestnut Hill Café                      Carmen & David’s Ice Cream

532 W. Chestnut Street

Lancaster, PA


Fox Meadows Creamery & Country Market

2475 W. Main Street

Ephrata, PA


Good Life Ice Cream

2088 Fruitville Pike

Lancaster, PA


Greco’s Italian Ices & Homemade Ice Cream

49 Broad Street

Lititz, PA



Lapp Valley Farm *

244 Mentzer Road

New Holland, PA



Mapleholfe Dairy

797 Robert Fulton Highway

Quarryville, PA


Oregon Dairy *

2900 Oregon Pike

Lititz, Pa


Penny’s Ice Cream, Scoop Shop *            Carmen & David’s Ice Cream

228 N Prince Street

Lancaster, PA


Pine View Dairy *

2225 New Danville Pike

Lancaster, PA


Strasburg Creamery *

1 E. Main Street

Strasburg, PA


10 Ways to Enjoy Cup Cheese

10 Ways to Enjoy Cup Cheese


  1.    Kettle cooked potato chips dipped in room temperature sharp cup cheese
  2.    Cup cheese and pepper jam on saltines   Cup cheese and peanut butter between two Ritz crackers
  3.    Cup cheese and tomato omelet
  4.    Cup Cheese Fondue   cup cheese, herbs, heavy cream white wine
  5.    Cup Cheese Turkey Club  toast, cup cheese, sliced turkey, toast, mayo, bacon, lettuce, tomato
  6.    Cup Cheese Bacon Vegetable Dip  cup cheese, sour cream, cream cheese
  7.    Cup Cheese BBQ French Fries  French fries drizzled with sharp cup cheese and BBQ sauce
  8.    Macaroni and Cup Cheese  cooked macaroni, cup cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, green pepper and garlic
  9.    Cup cheese mixed with marshmallow cream, peanut butter and molasses
  10.    Cup cheese drizzled over cinnamon rolls